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Safety Signs

We are specialist Custom Safety Sign suppliers.

 Our Safety Signs meet the AS 1319-1994 Australian Standards.


Free Service

Have your own location codes and audit trail details printed on each individual sign to facilitate easier auditing and replacement, and reduce theft.


Tell us the sizes you want, and we will quote accordingly ... or you can choose from 3 standard sizes: 600x900, 600x450, 300x225, all available in portrait or landscape orientation.

 All self adhesive, composite aluminium, or metal signs, are laminated for long life.

 If you have seen it in someone else's catalogue, we can do it and most likely, more cost effectively.**


What makes our Safety Signs UNIQUE?

Composite Aluminium:

For the same price as ordinary metal backing, you can have Composite Aluminium - 3.5 times lighter than metal, rigid, non-rusting, and safer installation.

See our specifications sheet for more information. You can download it from the link at the bottom of the page.

Enduro A Frames:

These 600x450mm A Frames are stronger than metal A Frames. They do not rust, dent, rot, or warp. We have had people accidentally run over them without breaking the frame!

The legs of the Enduro A Frames have weights at the bottom to give the A Frame a very low centre of gravity so that in very windy conditions, they resist blowing over.


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