P: 08 8386 3430

E: glen@glenroydavie.com.au

Our People

Currently we are a small team and growing.

 Glen Davie

Glen is the owner and passion behind glenroyDAVIE.  Glen loves helping others grow…and story telling ...it’s in his DNA!

 Karen Davie

Karen is co-owner with Glen.  Karen is Glen’s rock, and also loves helping others.

Denes Nagy

Denes is our graphic designer and illustrator. Denes brings fresh and terrific ideas to our clients from concept to design in designing stories. 

Denes also loves to help others release their vision from their heads and hearts to to tell a compelling story.. 

His ability as an illustrator is awesome.

Jack Beecroft

Jack looks after our printing, manufacturing and installations.

Jack is also a people person, who gives attention to detail and process, and the core values of punctuality, good manners and common sense. 

Jack loves to see the accuracy of colour and finish in the final completed product and the joy it brings our clients.

More special people 
(To be found)

These people will join our company over the next 18 months.
They have a desire to help people, and fit brilliantly into our culture. 

These people want more than a job. They want a purpose.
They want a pathway where they can start in a defined job, then grow and expand it into a passion where they no longer work, and instead wake up each morning looking forward to the challenges of the day ahead.


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