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Logo Creation

Logos need to be used in a variety of visual situations: 

 Landscape logo - best for web and most signs  Portrait logo - best for portrait signs, flags..
Gray scale - faxes etc - landscape  Gray scale - faxes etc - portrait
Face book timeline logo

• Is your logo versatile enough to look fantastic in different orientations?

• Is it user friendly?

• Does it help build your brand? 

• Can it be reproduced for 3D lettering, backlit signs, and vehicle signage?

• Does it present well on the web, and on black and white faxes?

Has it been designed so that it can be used at both business card and web size, and also for building signs where the logo may be 2000mm wide? 

We often have people ask us to use a logo they have had made by a friend that is not scale-able to any size, and then we have to recreate the logo which costs the client more  money and time.

Investing into creating a logo that can be used in all media, and at any size will save you time and money in the future.

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