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Our History

February 2002

Glen began selling printers and sign equipment to the trade…brand new to the industry and unknown to the owners of sign businesses, he did'nt sell much that year…staple diet of baked beans!!!!!

 2003 to 2005

Developed a programme with "This Is Major Tom" that focused on colour management and custom profiling media to achieve the best result when printing.

Sales of printers boomed, and Glen gained a reputation of a salesman that looked after his clients well after the sale of a printer.

Some of those early clients still call on Glen’s expertise, even though he no longer sells printing equipment.

2005 to 2008

Built a strong base of loyal clients, in printer and equipment sales, and also trade clients who could not afford a printer, and who were very happy to purchase printed signs at a wholesale price. These clients appreciated Glen’s attention to colour and quality. 

April 2008

Started glenroyDAVIE as its own enterprise…and again baked beans were good!!! 


We grew by 100% on the previous year…and were blown away by the strong and loyal support of our clients.


We grew by 50%. Much of that growth was the result of helping a few of our clients develop their product range…which in turn helped us.

Denes Nagy began working with us. Denes has helped a number of clients with exceptional art and design work, and has allowed us to offer more to our client base.

As a result of listening to dozens of new clients who were very dissatisfied with the combination of printed signage, printed stationary, web design, and their delivery from other suppliers, we have embarked on a process that will see consistency of concept, design, colour, and quality across all these various visual media.
A great deal of study, development of processes and systems, and gathering the right suppliers has enabled us to set a new benchmark in our ability to help our clients.

We have grown to a team of 4. This year we developed a unique and exciting USP to help our clients grow. 
2013 Jack Beecroft is now entrenched in the team in production and installations.. terrific to have Jack on board with us. Joined a business breakfast group called BNI...awesome for referrals. This year was about training the team and improving systems. 
We also did a lot of research into story telling, and have started creating stories for some clients... 2014 is the year we really launch into that marketplace.
It was exciting to realize that a number of our client shave now been with me for 10 years... humbling.
 2014 So excited about what this year promises to bring...


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