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Fonts and Text

These are your style..the way you want to communicate yourself.

1. Choose a font that is easily readable

2. Choose a font that is common to most computers.

3. Choose a size that is easily readable.

4. Choose font colours that are easily readable against the background

5. Choose backgrounds that enhance the text and font.

• Choose a font that is easily readable:

People quickly move on from web-sites that are hard to navigate and hard to read.

You may have downloaded a font that is really YOU...and may be too hard to read on a web page...and you will turn people away from your web site as a result.

It is also a legal requirement that people with disabilities such as poor eyesight be able to use your web site.

• Choose a font that is common to most computers:

The are literally thousands of different font styles...and only a few are web-safe. By web-safe we mean fonts that are common to most computer operating systems. There are a many types of operating systems...Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix, etc..and only a few fonts work on all these systems. 

• Choose a size that is easily readable:

A 15 year old with perfect eyes may be able to read small font. However a 60 year old who has to wear eye glasses may not. Remember, keep everything user friendly.

• Choose font colours that are easily readable against the background: 

About 8% of males may have red/green colour blindness...so be sparing in your use of red and green in font colours.

It is also important that your text is easily readable against the background, so use contrasting colours...or change the background.

Compare our original logo (bottom) with our new logo (top)..which is easy on the eyes? 

We felt that the red logo at the bottom was too hard to read, nor did it communicate who and what we are.

We can guide you through this...so call us on 0433 126 527.


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